April 30

Training: Rules of Air Management  Commercial vs. Residential Fire Attack LODD: Volunteer Fire Fighter Dies After Running Out of Air and Becoming Disoriented in Retail Store in Strip Mall Fire—North Carolina – 2016 Career Fire Fighter Dies From Injuries Sustained In Fall From Apparatus – Massachusetts – 2004 Volunteer Assistant Chief Dies During a Controlled-Burn […]

April 29

Training: Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke What’s in your pockets? 6-Minutes for Safety LODD: Fire Fighter Trainee Suffers Fatal Exertional Heat Stroke During Physical Fitness Training – Texas – 2009 A lieutenant dies and three fire fighters of a career department were injured when the truck they were responding in was struck by another vehicle […]

April 28

Training: Horizontal vs. Vertical Ventilation Active Shooter Response 6-Minutes for Safety LODD: Fire Fighter Suffers a Heart Attack and Dies After Completing Work Capacity Test – Idaho – 2007 Fire Fighter Suffers a Fatal Heart Attack After Being Engaged in Extensive Fire Suppression Duties – Massachusetts – 1999 Fires/Disasters: 1924 Benwood Mine Disaster claims 119 […]

April 27

Training: How to set a blocking vehicle for protection Tips for Driver/Operators 6-Minutes for Safety LODD: Fire Fighter Suffers a Heart Attack at Brush Fire and Dies 8 Days Later – Vermont – 2016 Volunteer Fire Chief Struck and Killed on Interstate Highway While Directing Traffic – Pennsylvania – 2013 Captain Suffers Sudden Cardiac Death […]

April 26

Training: Healthcare Providers Guide to FF Physicals Standpipe Drill 6-Minutes for Safety LODD: Lieutenant Dies at a Fire in a One-and-One-Half Story Dwelling – West Virginia – 2000 Fires/Disasters: 1986 Explosion and Fire at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant kills 50-5000+? General History: 2018 Bill Cosby is convicted of sexual assault  

April 25

Training: Exercises to prepare for NFPA 1582 fitness evaluation Ground Ladder Carry and Raise 6-Minutes for Safety LODD: Captain Suffers Sudden Cardiac Death During Physical Fitness Evaluation – Alabama – 2007 Fires/Disasters: 2019 A Semi-Truck crashes into rush hour traffic on I-70 in Colorado, killing 4 General History: 1990 The Hubble Space Telescope is placed […]

April 24

Training: Size-Up Drill Calling a Mayday! 6-Minutes for Safety LODD: Lieutenant Suffers Heart Attack During Fire Suppression Operations at Residential Fire and Dies Ten Days Later – Georgia – 2015 Volunteer Fire Fighter Found Unresponsive With His Facepiece Off Dies Eight Days Later – Maryland – 2013 Fires/Disasters: 2019 Train derailment in South Fort Worth, […]

April 23

Training: How much fire can the Water Can extinguish? The International First Responder Seatbelt Pledge 6-Minutes for Safety LODD: Career Fire Fighter Fatally Injured In Fall From Apparatus – Texas – 2005 Fire Fighter Suffers a Fatal Heart Attack During a Training Exercise – Michigan – 2002 Fires/Disasters: Rhythym Club Fire Kills 209 – 1940 […]

April 22

Training: 3 Exercises firefighters should do  Friction Loss using the Hand Method 6-Minutes for Safety   LODD: Lieutenant Suffers Sudden Cardiac Death at the Scene of a Structure Fire – South Carolina – 2004   Fires/Disasters: 2018 Shooting in Nashville Waffle House results in 4 dead General History: 2004 Pat Tillman, who left his NFL […]