May 11

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” – John Maxwell LODD: 1915 A Firefighter from Westwood Fire Department in New Jersey dies in the Line of Duty 1934 A firefighter from Pennsylvania died after falling under the apparatus and having his legs crushed on May […]

May 10

Written by a gentleman that I sometimes play golf with, NORVEL: An American Hero by Kenneth Conklin, is about a Olympic Gold Medalist from rural southwest Virginia.  I enjoyed the read and couldn’t resist plugging a friend’s book! LODD: 2016 Deputy Chief from Pennsylvania dies after a short illness 1977 A Maryland firefighter is killed […]

May 9

It seems that everyone has a favorite meat loaf recipe.  I adapted my wife’s Mini Meat Loaf recipe for the fire house.  You can leave off the bacon if you wish, but why would you? LODD: 2001 Career fire fighter dies after becoming trapped by fire in apartment building – New Jersey. 1791 – 12 […]

May 8

Dad Joke Friday – What did the drummer call his twin daughters? Anna one, Anna two! LODD: 1899 One Ohio Firefighter is killed and one injured when a wall collapses at a warehouse fire 1997 3 Firefighters are killed in an explosion at a chemical plant in West Helena, AK 2013 Career probationary fire fighter […]

May 7

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy LODD: 2014 A New York firefighter dies at home after participating in training 2016 A North Carolina firefighter suffers a medical emergency at an accident scene 2009 Eight fire fighters from a combination department injured in a natural gas explosion at a strip […]

May 6

The “Modern Era” LODD’s on this date are all cardiac or health related.  Get an annual physical, eat better and exercise more. LODD: 2015 Captain suffers sudden cardiac death while performing physical fitness training – Mississippi. 2015 Lieutenant suffers sudden cardiac death at apartment fire – District of Columbia. 2013 An Alabama Asst. Chief dies […]

May 5

A wise captain I worked with often said “This too shall pass”.  I think we need to remember it now with the COVID-19 situation. While difficult, dangerous and emotional for so many, it too shall pass. We need to focus on what each of us can do to take care of each other and the […]

May 4

“Fewer things will impact a team’s morale than a leader who does not recognize their accomplishments and hard work.” ― Lt. General Harold “Hal” G. Moore LODD: 2015 A Lieutenant dies after suffering a medical emergency at a dwelling fire on April 24 2015 Firefighter suffers cardiac event following residential fire – New York. 2002 […]

May 3

I just recently finished Grateful American: A Journey from Self to Service by Gary Sinese.  A good read about an great actor who is a big supporter of America’s Veterans and First Responders. LODD: 2015 A Tennessee firefighter is killed by a falling tree on a vehicle fire  2015 A Missouri firefighter suffers a medical […]

May 2

I enjoy cooking.  Back in the day, I would make it a point to cook for one of my stations on the weekend.  This Sausages and Grapes recipe was one of the favorites.  I served it over Cheesy Polenta. LODD: 2016 A New York FF suffers a medical emergency and dies after an emergency call […]