February 28

There aren’t any NIOSH LODD reports today, but check out Firefighterclosecalls.com’s history page for several reports dating back to 1889.

February 22

F2017-06 Feb 22, 2017 Volunteer fire fighter dies in tanker rollover responding to structure fire – Oklahoma. F2014-07 Feb 22, 2014 Career lieutenant killed following a walkway collapse while working to evacuate a university student housing building – Missouri. F2008-03 Feb 22, 2008 Nine fire fighters from a combination department injured in an explosion at […]

February 21

F2008-04 Feb 21, 2008 Fire fighter trainee suffers sudden cardiac death during strenuous training drill – Georgia. F2006-07 Feb 21, 2006 Two volunteer fire fighters die when struck by exterior wall collapse at a commercial building fire overhaul – Alabama. F2005-21 Feb 21, 2005 Wildland fire fighter suffers sudden cardiac death after performing mop-up/overhaul operations […]

February 19

F2015-04 Feb 19, 2015 Captain suffers heart attack during fire suppression and dies two days later – Texas. F2009-07 Feb 19, 2009 Volunteer lieutenant and a fire fighter die while combating a mobile home fire – West Virginia. F2008-13 Feb 19, 2007 Fire fighter-emergency medical technician suffers sudden cardiac death during overhaul – New York. […]