February 23

Five NIOSH reports today! Two cardiac related deaths, two related to apparatus rollovers with no seatbelts being used and one as a result of being struck by a vehicle while directing traffic. Please be careful out there!

F2009-08Feb 23, 2009One fire fighter dies and another is severely injured in a single vehicle rollover crash – Georgia.
F2008-05Feb 23, 2008Volunteer captain dies in engine rollover – Colorado.
F2005-25Feb 23, 2005Fire chief suffers sudden cardiac death at home after performing apparatus maintenance and conducting training – Texas.
F2004-46Feb 23, 2004Fire fighter collapses and dies while assisting with fire suppression efforts at a residential fire – Ohio.
F2003-16Feb 23, 2003Volunteer fire police captain dies from injury-related complications after being struck by motor vehicle while directing traffic – New Jersey.

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