March 31

Five NIOSH reports today! Two during training, one medical event and two during residential structural fires. Please operate and train safely! F2016-05 Mar 31, 2016 Cadet dies from hyperthermia and exertional heat stroke during indoor SCBA maze training – Texas. F2010-11 Mar 31, 2010 Lieutenant suffers fatal heart attack during training – Ohio. F2006-18 Mar […]

March 26

Some very interesting NIOSH reports today! F2015-06 Mar 26, 2015 Career fire apparatus operator dies after falling down an unsecured elevator shaft at a 5-story residential structure – Ohio. F2014-09 Mar 26, 2014 Lieutenant and fire fighter die and 13 fire fighters injured in a wind-driven fire in a brownstone – Massachusetts. F2010-20 Mar 26, […]

March 24

Both of today’s NIOSH reports are the result of apparatus crashes. Please be careful and wear your seatbelts! F2018-08 Mar 24, 2018 Two fire fighters die and three fire fighters injured in a fire apparatus crash – West Virginia. F2007-25 Mar 24, 2007 Two volunteer fire fighters die in a tanker rollover – North Carolina.

March 22

F2006-14 Mar 22, 2006 Career captain dies from complications of a drowning incident due to a combination of exhaustion, hypothermia and carbon monoxide poisoning during surf rescue training – Washington. F2004-25 Mar 22, 2003 Volunteer fire fighter suffers sudden cardiac death during fire suppression at a structural fire – Indiana.