January 17, 2022


One of today’s NIOSH reports involves a tanker (tender to some) rollover. I recall this almost happening to me in the late 1980’s. After being transferred to another station across the county, I was checking out the Tanker and took it for a short test drive. Not being familiar with the apparatus or the roads, when I entered a curve with little banking the truck and I got a bit “squirrely”. Luckily, no other cars were coming and I was able to regain control rather quickly. The event taught me to use caution when driving apparatus that I wasn’t familiar with.

Jan 17, 2010Major suffers sudden cardiac death during physical fitness training – Kentucky
Jan 17, 2000Tanker rollover claims life of volunteer fire chief – Missouri.
Jan 17, 2000Sector captain suffers fatal heart attack – Texas.
Jan 17, 2000Volunteer fire fighter dies after nine-foot fall from ladder – Pennsylvania.

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