February 16, 2022

This post from last year still holds true! Hang in there! Ask for help if needed! You are not alone in this world!

I haven’t posted a book review in a while and with all the talk about how difficult times are, and I’m sure they are very difficult for many people, I just finished a book that can put things into perspective. Imagine having a very comfortable life until a civil war drives you and your family from your ancestral home. Then imagine starting over only to be pursued by assassins and driven to the sea with the only escape being to hijack a freighter with your entire family in tow. And then, through the benevolence of the freighter captain, declared refugees and deposited in a foreign country with a vastly different culture. Starting over and creating a life for your family and finally being accepted by your neighbors and then another war breaks out and while under suspicion because you are different you are evicted by the government because you live too close to a military academy. Then one morning you loose your home and city in a blinding flash. This is a brief synopsis of the story of the Pachikoff family in the book Surviving Hiroshima: A Young Woman’s Story by Anthony Drago and Dougless Wellman. This book made me appreciate my many blessings as well as the strength and fortitude of the previous generations!


F2011-05Feb 16, 2011Career fire fighter/paramedic dies from injuries following an unexpected ceiling collapse – California.

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