March 5, 2022

I just finished Travis Howes’ book Create Your Own Light, Finding Post Traumatic Purpose. I couldn’t put the book down! Travis grew up in South Carolina and was in the Marine Corps, a Police Officer and a Firefighter. His stories flow easily and are told from the point of view of a Veteran, First Responder and stand-up comic. Travis relays his life, the good and the not so good and openly writes about his struggles with PTSD. Travis also has an excellent podcast also titled Create Your Own Light. If you are struggling with a traumatic event, the book is excellent! If you are not struggling, the book is excellent!


F2013-05Mar 05, 2013Volunteer fire fighter killed when struck while operating at scene of multiple vehicle crash on interstate highway – Illinois.
F2008-08Mar 05, 2008Volunteer fire lieutenant killed while fighting a basement fire – Pennsylvania.

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