We are back!

Starting tomorrow, I hope to have TheFireBrief back up each day. I have posts scheduled through 11/15/22 and should be able to knock off the rest of the month and get back on track in the next few days.

It has been a journey. A phone call from Duke on 9/28/22, a new liver on 9/29/22, discharged from Duke University Hospital on 10/10/22, living in a small apartment in Hillsborough, NC until 11/5/22 (to be close to Duke) and finally back home the afternoon of 11/5/22. I could not have done it without the support and care of my wife, Loni. She is my rock! Obviously, I would not be here if not for the beyond excellent care of all of the surgeons, doctors, nurses, PA’s, NP’s and many, many others at Duke. I have been on the path to this journey since 2018 and can honestly say that I did not encounter anyone at Duke that I felt was just going through the motions, waiting for their shift to end. Everyone was so helpful, caring and excellent at what they do!

We still have months of recovery to negotiate, but I will follow the doctor’s advice/orders and work hard to honor the memory of my donor and take care of the wonderful gift I have received.

Thanks for all the prayers and assistance. The power of Prayer and the Grace of God are amazing and real!

Stay safe out there and please say a prayer for the family of my donor, they need prayers of comfort and peace.

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