January 5, 2022

What better to start the a new year than a brush up on leadership skills and practices. L. David Marquet’s second book is Leadership is Language – The Hidden Power of What You Say…and What You Don’t. This book is full of examples of how language can facilitate success or lead to failure. David Marquet is a retired US Navy Captain and commanded the U.S.S. Santa Fe, a nuclear attack submarine. His first book, Turn the Ship Around details how he turned the poorly performing Santa Fe into a best in class award winner. Both books are loaded with concepts and practices that can and should be used in the Fire Service. You can also find David Marquet’s Leadership Nudges on YouTube. Subscribe and check out his short weekly videos to keep you engaged and thinking about leadership.


NIOSH doesn’t list any LODD reports for today, but as usual, you can find several reports on the history page at Firefighterclosecalls.com


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