March 31, 2023

Five NIOSH reports today! Two during training, one medical event and two during residential structural fires. Please operate and train safely!


F2016-05Mar 31, 2016Cadet dies from hyperthermia and exertional heat stroke during indoor SCBA maze training – Texas.
F2010-11Mar 31, 2010Lieutenant suffers fatal heart attack during training – Ohio.
F2006-18Mar 31, 2006Fire fighter/emergency medical technician (FF/EMT) suffers sudden death while on-duty – South Carolina.
F2003-12Mar 31, 2003Career fire fighter dies and two career fire fighters injured in a flashover during a house fire – Ohio.
F2000-23Mar 31, 2000Career fire fighter dies and three are injured in a residential garage fire – Utah.

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