May 5, 2023

Well, it has been two years and it is still hanging around, but things are returning to some degree of normalcy, whatever that is these days!

A wise captain I worked with often said “This too shall pass”.  I think we need to remember it now with the COVID-19 situation. While difficult, dangerous and emotional for so many, it too shall pass. We need to focus on what each of us can do to take care of each other and the communities we serve.

I wrote the above last year.  “This too shal pass” not only applies to Covid, but to just about everything in life.  The bad and the good.  Life is continually changing,  Enjoy the good times when you have them because, “This too shall pass”!  Face the tough times with strength and determiniation because, “This too shall pass”!  Strive to make you and your part of this world better every day.



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