January 21

Six NIOSH reports today! Take care of yourselves and be careful! F2005-16 Jan 21, 2004 Captain suffers an acute aortic dissection after responding to two alarms and subsequently dies due to hemopericardium – Pennsylvania. F2004-08 Jan 21, 2004 Fire fighter suffers sudden cardiac death after emergency recall – Massachusetts. F2003-24 Jan 21, 2003 Fire fighter […]

January 20

Jan 20, 2014 Fire engineer suffers sudden cardiac death at shift change – California. Jan 20, 2007 After working three consecutive 24-hour shifts and fighting an extensive structure fire, a 47-year old career LT suffers sudden cardiac death during physical fitness training – California. Jan 20, 2005 Career captain dies after running out of air […]

January 19

Five NIOSH reports today, with no common theme. Keep your heads on a swivel and work to stay safe! Jan 19, 2012 Fire fighter suffers sudden cardiac death while performing driver/operator duties at a residential structure fire – New Jersey. Jan 19, 2011 Volunteer fire fighter caught in a rapid fire event during unprotected search, […]

January 18

Jan 18, 2012 Fire apparatus operator suffers sudden cardiac death during physical fitness training – Hawaii. Jan 18, 2001 Fire fighter dies in sleep during his work shift – Michigan.

January 17

On of today’s NIOSH reports involves a tanker (tender to some) rollover. I recall this almost happening to me in the late 1980’s. After being transferred to another station across the county, I was checking out the Tanker and took it for a short test drive. Not being familiar with the apparatus or the roads, […]

January 14

The NIOSH reports for today are ALL the result of cardiac issues. Take care of yourselves and your crews! Jan 14, 2010 Fire fighter suffers sudden cardiac death during structure fire response – Mississippi. Jan 14, 2006 Volunteer fire fighter suffers sudden cardiac death about 50 minutes after fighting a grass fire – Kansas. Jan […]

January 13

Jan 13, 2003 Career fire fighter/emergency medical technician dies from injuries sustained in fall from apparatus – California. Jan 13, 2001 Fire fighter suffers a heart attack and dies after performing “ventilation-entry-search” activities in a five-story apartment building fire – New York.

January 12

Jan 12, 2001 Fire fighter dies after the tanker truck he was driving strikes a utility pole and overturns while responding to a grass fire – Kentucky. Jan 12, 2000 Fire fighter dies as a result of a cardiac arrest at the scene of a structure fire – Maine.


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