March 23, 2023

My wife and I made this recipe the other night and we both loved it. I told her that I was going to add it to the Fire Brief because it was so good, easy, cheap and great for the firehouse! It comes from Tieghan Gerard at Such “Comfort Food”, 30 Minute Thai Peanut […]

March 22, 2023

Last year I reviewed Inside Camp David: The Private World of the Presidential Retreat. This next book ties in nicely because Marine One is the primary transportation for POTUS to Camp David. Inside Marine One: Four U.S. Presidents, One Proud Marine, and the World’s Most Amazing Helicopter by Col. Ray L’Heureux (Author), Lee Kelley (Author). Inside Marine One provides […]

March 20, 2023

One of today’s NIOSH reports involves a firefighter being struck by a motor vehicle while working on an interstate highway. has free training resources to help keep crews safe when working around traffic. LODD’s: F2019-14 Mar 20, 2019 46-year-old airport firefighter suffers fatal heart attack responding to call – Pennsylvania. F2002-13 Mar 20, 2002 […]

March 18, 2023

Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential. – Winston Churchill LODD’s: F2003-13 Mar 18, 2003 Volunteer fire fighter killed while walking across an Interstate highway responding to a motor vehicle incident – Texas. F2001-15 Mar 18, 2001 Residential fire claims the lives of two volunteer fire fighters […]

March 17, 2023

Don’t let your guard down! Two of today’s LODD’s occurred during overhaul. And, remember to look for trains in both directions when crossing multiple railroad tracks! That train that just passed has your view blocked! LODD’s: F2018-02 Mar 17, 2017 54-Year-old firefighter suffers carbon monoxide toxicity and cardiac event during overhaul – Massachusetts. F2008-18 Mar […]

March 16, 2023

Any man’s life will be filled with constant and unexpected encouragement if he makes up his mind to do his level best each day. – Booker T. Washington LODD’s: F2005-32 Mar 16, 2005 Sergeant suffers sudden cardiac death during training – Kentucky. 99-F17 Mar 16, 1999 Fire fighter has unwitnessed sudden cardiac death at fire […]