April 2

All three of today’s NIOSH reports are cardiac related! Take care of yourselves and have a medical-physical evaluation. It may save your life! F2004-09 Apr 02, 2001 Fire fighter-driver/engineer suffers heart attack and dies at the end of his 24-hour shift – Hawaii. F2001-30 Apr 02, 2001 Fire fighter suffers fatal heart attack after returning […]

March 31

Five NIOSH reports today! Two during training, one medical event and two during residential structural fires. Please operate and train safely! F2016-05 Mar 31, 2016 Cadet dies from hyperthermia and exertional heat stroke during indoor SCBA maze training – Texas. F2010-11 Mar 31, 2010 Lieutenant suffers fatal heart attack during training – Ohio. F2006-18 Mar […]