February 19, 2022

The Battle of Iwo Jima began today in 1945 and lasted 5 weeks. The battle cost the Americans over 27,000 causalities with almost 7,000 killed. Around 18,000 Japanese soldiers perished during the battle.


F2015-04Feb 19, 2015Captain suffers heart attack during fire suppression and dies two days later – Texas.
F2009-07Feb 19, 2009Volunteer lieutenant and a fire fighter die while combating a mobile home fire – West Virginia.
F2008-13Feb 19, 2007Fire fighter-emergency medical technician suffers sudden cardiac death during overhaul – New York.
F2005-09Feb 19, 2005Career fire captain dies when trapped by partial roof collapse in a vacant house fire – Texas.
F2001-19Feb 19, 2000Fire fighter dies after assisting an injured person – Ohio.

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